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About Us

The organization Íslandslyftur ehf. was established in 2000. The owner has over 20 year substantial experience in the lift industry. Íslandslyftur‘s employees have diverse background with considerable experience in the market. The group consist of mechanics, electricians and skilled employees as well as office employees. Íslandslyftur employ a total of 12 people.

Sales- and service provider in Iceland

Islandslyftur offers all general lift services, as well as sales- and service consultancy for several types of new lifts such as: elevators, loadlifts, specially designed elevators, wheelchair lifts (platform lifts), service lifts and elevators for private homes. In 2005 Íslandslyftur bought Ormssons lift division and thereby took over their support and repair service for several suppliers. The organization provides solutions from known suppliers as: Kleemann, Aritco, Ascendor, Handicare, Liftup, Pollock and SKG. Íslandslyftur also offers renewal of older lifts, installation of accessories and surveillance- and repair service.


New lifts and improvements of lifts

In recent years Íslandslyftur have installed several new lifts in new hotels in the Reykjavik area, in new apartment houses in the capital area as well as in the country side. Other projects are for example: N1 headquarters, Childrens‘ hospital Hringur, Eimskip‘s storehouse (lift and glass hoistway) and new elevator in the facilities of the Architecture and Engineering associations in Iceland. Íslandslyftur has also installed elevators in several schools in Iceland, for example Hamraskóli and Vogaskóli in Reykjavík and Víðistaðaskóli in Hafnarfjörður. An example of projects for unions are: Íþróttafélag Vals, Taflfélag Reykjavíkur and Tennis- og badmintonfélag Reykjavíkur.


Íslandslyftur has as well improved several lifts, both as a part of a total solution or as a supplementary, for example emergency call systems.

In the year 2007, Íslandslyftur have installed more then 60 lifts and related accessories. Significant growth is expected in the year 2008.


Professional and secure service

The Administration of Occupational Safety and Health in Iceland (Vinnueftirlit ríkisins) has recognized Íslandslyftur as a reliable service provider to intendance lifts and related mechanism. The organization puts its ambition in offering professional and secure service.

If you need further information please send us e-mail to or call us +354-5687600.

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